Robert Ferre Talk – Labyrinths and Sacred Geometry

Special fundraising event at the Mosman Art Gallery at 3pm on Sunday 1st April.

Robert Ferré was a founder of the Labyrinth Society and is a leading figure in the construction of labyrinths in the USA.  He is in Australia to build a labyrinth in the Childrenʼs Hospital in Westmead – the first hospital in Australia to have a labyrinth.  Robert’s talk will cover Divine Creation, number and proportion, and the quality of numbers as exemplified in Chartres Cathedral and its elegant labyrinth.  “Sacred geometry is a spiritual exercise that seeks to find eternal truths as displayed in the beauty of nature.”

Robert’s presentation will be from 3-4.30pm. Afternoon tea will be provided while we set up the canvas labyrinth. A facilitated labyrinth walk will begin at 5pm.  Booking essential – via

3 thoughts on “Robert Ferre Talk – Labyrinths and Sacred Geometry

  1. What exciting news! I have walked a replica of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth twice and recently returned from a pilgimage to Glastonbury, England where we saw some ancient labyrinths carved over 5000 year ago and I walked the labrinyth in the church yard in the high street. I love the feeling of stillness and peace and the insights that I receive while walking this ancient extraordinary structure. Our group also had a talk on Sacred Geometry given to us by Sig Lonegren. I am SO excited that there is to be one built in Centennial Park for all to enjoy! Thanks Emily!

  2. Thank you for a great program. It will be wonderful to have a labyrinth where walkers can reflect, gain insight, or simply enjoy and consider their journey. Making time for reflection is essential in our fast lives. Hopefully, all the states will soon have one to enjoy.

  3. Oh just SO cool, Debra! If the Goddess can’t go to the Labyrinth, then the Labyrinth can go to here. All hail Debra (a.k.a. Ariadne)! I wonder if my girls will want to walk the lirybanth, like that little black kitteh. Thank you for the virtual lirybanth’s, I’m going to walk on over 🙂

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