To find the labyrinth: From the Paddington Gates at the big intersection of Oxford St and Moore Park Rd, head straight down Parkes Drive, past the Cafe Pavilion, through the centre of the park and turn left into Dickens DriveGo past Loch Ave which veers off to the left and you’ll find the labyrinth about 100 metres further along Dickens Drive in the small field on the right, just after Lachlan Swamp.  The labyrinth lies in a small dip in the field and so is not visible from the road. Here is a more detailed map of the park

To get to Centennial Park:

  1. Take the train to Museum Station and get any of Sydney buses no: 380, 333, 378 (blue and white) or M40 (red bus) up Oxford St and get off at Queen St. (Bus tickets available at the kiosk at the bottom of the stairs at Museum Station)
  2. Take the train to Central Station, take the Eddy Ave exit and go to Stand A
    Take the 378 bus (Sydney Buses)
  3.  Take a bus from the city to Bondi Junction that goes up Oxford St and get off at big intersection of Oxford St, Queen St and Moore Park Rd.
  4. Take the M40 from Chatswood and get off at big intersection of Oxford St, Queen St and Moore Park Rd.
  5. Take the 333, M40 or 380 from Bondi to the city and get off at big intersection of Oxford St, Queen St and Moore Park Rd.
  6. Walk from Pitt St Mall to bus stops on Elizabeth St near St James Station. Look for stop where the 333 bus departs to Bondi. Take this bus up Oxford St, Paddington and get off the bus at the Queen St stop.

5 thoughts on “Location

  1. So nice to see you have done this. It will give a very good idear of the scale and sise of the Labyrinth and how it will cope with a lot of people.
    Thank you. Peter James ACS,ASC.

  2. What a wonderful idea and project.
    There are many mysteries to ponder and reasons for rejoicing not to mention the experience of community that will be shared by many…including myself this coming Sunday Interfaith walk.
    Smile begins with the letter S which itself is a sort of labyrinth. 🙂
    I will be smiling.


  3. Thats the wonderful thing about faith in life – it brings people together so easily.
    Pure brilliance Emily! I will be able to join your walk on Dec 21 and look forward to that very much.
    C x

  4. I just walked the Labrynth and observed my energy level rise significantly. I became more balanced and centred.
    I am wondering if the final product is going to be larger than the current temporary one.
    My verdict: definitely quality time out. A must do for all.

    • Thanks John – so glad you enjoyed it! Walking the labyrinth is such a peaceful and easy way to centre and calm yourself. The completed labyrinth will be the same size, but with a 4 foot sandstone border.

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