Spring Labyrinth Festival – Sun 23rd Sept

Save the date! The 2018 Spring Labyrinth Festival, will be held in Centennial Park from 11am-4pm on Sunday 23rd September. We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s event will be sponsored by the Vasudhara Foundation.  Celebrating the labyrinth as a path of peace, there will be several different labyrinths painted onto the field beside the sandstone one and facilitated walks accompanied by acoustic music: frame drum, didgeridoo, djembe drum, crystal bowl and harp. Share a picnic with your friends. This is a free event – all welcome! Come and experience the labyrinth: ancient wisdom and a new way of being.

There will be a Triple Spiral, an Archimedes Spiral and a Chalice of Love labyrinth painted onto the field, as well as a Pilgrim Riverstone Labyrinth in which walkers can select a river stone near the threshold and walk it into the labyrinth, leaving their worries behind by placing the stone somewhere along the painted path. So the Pilgrim Labyrinth will emerge slowly over the day as one by one, each pilgrim lays their burden down.
11.30am: Acknowledgement of Country by Aunty Ali Golding
12pm:  Frame Drum walk led by Jane Dulce
1pm:  Didgeridoo walk led by Adrian Hanks
2pm:  Djembe Drum walk led by Jeremy Prangnell
3pm:  Crystal Bowl walk led by Elizabeth Brandis

4 thoughts on “Spring Labyrinth Festival – Sun 23rd Sept

  1. My request is i want to visit the Labrynth Sunday 9th October, my sister in law is unable to work the distance from Paddington Gate there is there another entrance where a taxi could leave us.
    i am sorry we are travelling from Victoria so will miss the 1st October Walk.
    Many thanks for this opportunity to see the Labrynth i remember seeing the the Building the Labrynth on Compass!! never forgotten.
    we are travelling from Metung via Canberra.

    • Hi Val
      The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive opposite the Education Centre. You can ask the taxi to drive you in. It is clearly sign posted within the park. Look on the location page for more precise directions. Enjoy your walk! Best wishes

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