Sydney Labyrinth hold group walks at 9am on the first Sunday of every month. The next one will be at 9am Sunday 1st August, led by Matthew Evans

WALKING WITH INTENTION at 10am on the first Friday of the month.  Spiritual Director, Elizabeth Lee draws on a different theme each month. For more information go to Elizabeth’s website, Vision and Action

The next one will be at 10am Friday 6th August.

Come and experience the profound metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting. It’s an opportunity to remind yourself what it feels like to simply be in community in a peaceful, gentle way. Sydney Labyrinth events are free and open to all. The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive. Go to the location page for directions and sign up to our newsletter to receive updates about all labyrinth events.

If you don’t feel up for group walks, the labyrinth is still there for you. A place of refuge and sanctuary in complicated times. Use it as a contemplative tool to walk your way into the bigger picture, releasing anxieties on the way in, aligning with what truly matters as you pause in the centre, like a tuning fork between earth and sky, then following the path back out into the world, weaving into your awareness any insights or metaphors you may have noticed along the way. Walking meditation helps us accept whatever is going on in our lives and that what’s in the way, usually is the way.

May you be well and happy.
May you walk in peace
and know yourself
to be beloved on the earth,
held and blessed by all that is.



  • Sun 1st August: Matthew Evans @ 9am
  • Fri 6th Aug: Walking with Intention @ 10am
  • Fri 3rd Sept: Walking with Intention @ 10am
  • Sun 5th Sept: Heather Middleton @ 9am
  • Fri 1st Oct: Walking with Intention @ 10am
  • Sun 3rd Oct: Elizabeth Lee @ 9am
  • Fri 5th Nov: Walking with Intention @ 10am
  • Sun 7th Nov: Wendy Rose-Williams @ 9am
  • Fri 3rd Dec: Walking with Intention @ 10am
  • Sun 5th Dec:  Elizabeth MacGregor @ 9am
  • Sun 19th Dec: Summer Solstice with Maja Skrlj @ 7am