Join us at 1pm on Saturday 6th May at the Centennial Park Labyrinth for World Labyrinth Day, led by Nicky Lock. The theme as always will be, ‘Walk as one at 1pm’ and Sydney will be one of the first places (after NZ!) to begin this rolling wave of peace around the world.

The next monthly facilitated walk will be at 9am on Sunday, 7th May led this time by Erica Webber.

Come and experience the profound metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting. It’s an opportunity to remind yourself what it feels like to simply be in community in a peaceful, gentle way. Sydney Labyrinth events are free and open to all. The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive. Go to the location page for directions and sign up to our newsletter to receive updates about all labyrinth events.

If you don’t feel up for group walks, the labyrinth is still there for you. A place of refuge and sanctuary in complicated times. Use it as a contemplative tool to walk your way into the bigger picture, releasing anxieties on the way in, aligning with what truly matters as you pause in the centre, like a tuning fork between the earth and the sky, then following the path back out into the world, weaving into your awareness any insights or metaphors you may have noticed along the way. Walking meditation helps us accept whatever is going on in our lives and that what’s in the way, usually is the way.



In response to the Uluru Statement From the Heart’s generous call to the people of Australia to ‘walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future’, we invite you to walk a labyrinth on the eve of the referendum, to demonstrate our willingness to listen with our hearts and feet to the song of this land. Our intention is for people across the country to walk a labyrinth, holding the space for an inclusive and mutually expansive way forward. By tuning ourselves individually, we hope to generate a harmonic chord of gratitude and grace.

The labyrinth teaches us about acceptance and flow. It’s a good bridge for the western mind to learn to appreciate, through direct experience, what the First Nations people never forgot: how to live in a way of belonging and connection. It’s the perfect metaphor for this moment in time.

Walking home to country is a connection our people have always had with Mother Earth. Our culture is defined by the closeness of family circles and staying connected to the people within it. The labyrinth invites and welcomes people to walk the path together – it calls them to the land in oneness.” (Aunty Ali Golding, Elder of the Biripi Nation)

We’ll be holding walks in the months leading up to this event to build awareness and momentum. This collective, intentional labyrinth walking will be a chance for each one of us to cross the threshold into new beginnings. Walking together. Listening with heart.

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  • Sun 1st Jan: Kate Thornley @9am
  • Sun 5th Feb: MajaSkrlj-Tufegdzic @9am
  • Sun 5th March: Elizabeth McGregor @9am
  • Sun 19th March: Desiree DeKlerk @9am (Autumn Equinox)
  • Sun 2nd April: Matthew Evans @9am
  • Sat 6th May: Nicky Lock @ 1pm (World Labyrinth Day)
  • Sun 7th May: Erica Webber @ 9am
  • Sun 4th June: Robyn Katz @ 9am
  • Sun 25th June: Elizabeth McGregor @ 8am (Winter Solstice)
  • Sun 2nd July: 
  • Sun 6th August: Annalise Thomas @ 9am
  • Sun 3rd September: Desiree DeKlerk @ 9am
  • Sun 24th September: Desiree DeKlerk @ 9am (Spring Equinox)
  • Sun 1st October: Elizabeth Lee @9am
  • Sun 5th November Desiree DeKlerk @ 9am
  • Sun 3rd December: Maja Skrlj @ 9am
  • Sun 17th December: Nicky Lock @ 7am (Summer Solstice)

May you be well and happy.
May you walk in peace
and know yourself
to be beloved on the earth,
held and blessed by all that is.