Labyrinth Events

Facilitated group walks are held at the Centennial Park Labyrinth on the first Sunday of every monthThe next one will be at 9am on Sunday 4th Novemberled by meditation teacher, Susanne Jones. 

Come and experience the powerful metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting. Its an opportunity to learn more about the labyrinth and to remind yourself what it is to simply be in community in a gentle, peaceful way. These events are free and open to all. The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive. See the location page for directions. Sign up to our newsletter to receive information about all labyrinth events.

Labyrinth Walks

  • Sun  4th November: Susanne Jones
  • Sun 2nd December: Heather Keens
  • Sun 23rd December: Summer Solstice (Susanne Jones & Heather Keens)
  • Sun 6th January 2019: Desiree De Klerk
  • Sun 3rd February 2019: Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic
  • Sun 3rd March 2019: Heather Keens
  • Sun 7th April 2019: Wendy Rose-Williams
  • Sun 5th May: Susanne Jones
  • Sun 2nd June: Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic
  • Sun 23rd June: Winter Solstice (Susanne Jones & Heather Keens)
  • Sun 7th July: Erica Webber
  • Sun 5th August: Wendy Rose-Williams
  • Sun 1st September: Heather Middleton
  • Sun 6th October: Joan Harcourt
  • Sun 3rd  November:Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic
  • Sun 1st December: Heather Keens