Honour Roll

Thank you to these inspired donors…

$50,000 or more

Emily Simpson 

The Neilson Foundation

Tanya Nelson Carnegie and The Vasudhara Foundation

William Zuccon (Dods and Zuccon Architects) – services donated

The Centennial Parklands Trust


$25,000 or more

The Lansdowne Foundation


$15,000 or more

The Ake Ake Fund

Boral Australia

Gretel Packer


$10,000 or more

Espie Dods

Annalise Fairfax

Lady Mary Fairfax

Alice Simpson and Robbie Feyder

Anne and Edward Simpson


$5000 or more

The Grant Family Charitable Trust

The Nelson Meers Foundation

Bill and Kate Anderson

Ruth Armytage AM

Popsy Albert

Chloe and Angus Burns

Jane Clarke in memory of David Clarke

Angela Criticos

Rowena Danziger AM and Ken Coles AM

Louise and Garry Dobson

James Dorahy and Anton Pegler

James Fairfax AC

Elizabeth and John Fairfax AO

Roma Gaster

Richard and Jane Malcolmson

Paul and Kate Manka

Angela Miall

Stephen, Margie and Xavier Morris

Lucy Pryor

Fenella Raines

Susan Rothwell

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP and Lucy Turnbull AO

Will and Jane Vicars


$1000 or more

The Bird Holcomb Foundation

The Peter Weiss Foundation

Edmund Campion

Arthur Charles

Charles Curran AC

Ian Darling

Monsignor Tony Doherty

Lindley Edwards

Tanya Excell

Mary Ellen Johnson

The Hon Justice AJ Meagher

Baillieu Myer

Rebel Penfold-Russell

Fiona Playfair

Mickey and Larry Robertson

Shauna Roche and Antony Waddington

Anne Ryan

Tory and Mark Steglick

Jill Wran



Services in Kind

Alex Alvarado

Margaret Bowman

Elly Bradbury

Tim Brown

Rosemary Butterworth

Barbara Callan

Richard Charlton

Giorgi Ciot

Norah Lynn Copithorne

Lisa Cotton

Cassy Darvall

Annalise Fairfax

Elizabeth Farrelly

Robert Ferre

Robert Gourlay

Elizabeth Grace

Nick Greiner

Mandy Horner

Bob Hughes

John James

Desiree de Klerk

Kim Lewis

Skye Leckie

Angus Logan

Warwick Mayne-Wilson

Tony McCormick

Steve Meacham

Suzanne Naseby

Prabhu Osonics

Fiona Playfair

Karen Quant

Fenella Raines

Lance Scoular

Michael Sher

Merle Singer

Michael Stevens

Barbara Vyden

Mary Van de Weil


$500 or more

Michael Boyd

Michael Crouch

Guy Halliday

Joan Harcourt

Leigh Johnson

Ros Lance

Daniel Lewis

Julianne Maxwell

Andy Quan

Drew Skinner in memory of Romaine Youdale

Danuta Skiba

Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic

Samantha Walder


$250 or more

Sally Belmont

Annette Blinco

Maria Boyd

Cate Hickson

Darren Finlayson

Suzy Flowers

Rosemary Foot AO

Sophia Guest

Heather Keens

Colin Lennox

John and Edwina Macarthur-Stanham

St John Miall

Ludo Onstein

Helen Robin

Maxine and Jodee Rich

Ross Steele AM

Lorna Stewart

Barry Sullivan

Annabelle Wadsworth

Catherine Wilkins

Susan Wyndham

Ali Yeldham

Diana Yeldham


$100 or more

Erica Bagshaw

Subhana Barzaghi

Stephanie Bouscarle

Richard Cogswell

Chris Cole

Ben Collier

Fiona Coogan

Mark Coppleson

Helen Cornelius

Jane Crowley

Dianne Didomenico

Tina Donnelley

Robin Ferguson

Peter Fyfe  

Josephine Grieve 

Fiona Halliday

Gill Halliday

Laurel Hixon

Amanda Howe

Alexandra Joel

Sian and Manraj Khuman

Annie Jones

Jodi Little

Anne and Geoffrey Long

Angela Mackenzie

Roger Massey-Greene

Lisa Matthews

Carolyn McDowall

Heidi and Jon McGeogh

Michele Macgregor

Angela Miall

Jen Monteith

Joanna Morrison

Dominique Ogilvie

John and Penny Peel

Julie Phillis

Meredith Pitt

Fiona Ratcliffe

Roy and Margaret Rigotti

Brett Robin Wood

Annalise Scanlon

Bev Stoch

Julia and Simon Tregoning

Deborah Wildsmith


$50 or under

The Vietnamese Women’s Group

Deborah Algar

Vicki Anderson

Virginia Austin

Glenda Bartik

Janis Baskind

Pam Bradbury

Barry Chaffer

Cilla Conway

Adam Courtenay

Edwina Cowdery

Barbara Davids

Noel Davis

Sarah Elliott

Shelley Fredman

Irina Gladushchenko

Penny Goode

Virginia Gordon

Jen Grinter

Gerald Heasman

Julia Jacobs

Graham Johnson

Philomena Johnson

Natalie Kalinova

Alexander Kendrew

Susie Leiper

Kate Llewellyn Messenger

Anne Looby

Nicola Marcus

Johanna Maxwell

Cynthia Methven

Bridget McKern

Antonia Murphy

Wendy Nash

Russell Reichelt

Helen Robin

Vanessa Roworth 

Annalise Scanlon

Nenad Tufegdzic  

Wilya Waldbunger

Margot Walker

Janetta Wallbank

Georgina Wells

Ben Zion-Weiss

5 thoughts on “Honour Roll

  1. Huge congratulations Emily on reaching your fund-raising target … and more!

    I deeply honour your vision, commitment and unflagging energy.

    Infnite blessings,


  2. Emily CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You gave it your everything, and the entire community will benefit from your vision and perseverance for generations to come. And thank you….for having such a thrilling idea to share with us all in the first place!
    Much love,

  3. emily, ur a complete star! well done! you never lost sit of your goal and a year later you have delivered! a great result for the park and for you.x

  4. Hi Emily,
    A stunning community awareness initiative, walking across cultures, highlighting the benefits of walking a labyrinth. A marathon fundraising effort. Congratulations a vision now realised.
    Lorraine and Geoff Rodda

  5. Hi Emily,
    Just watched the Compass program and want to congratulate you on
    This achievement. I too walked the labirinth in San Francisco and will
    Go to Centennial Park to walk it here. It is a wonderful that there exist one
    In Sydney. Thanks a lot.

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