Regular facilitated group labyrinth walks will be held at the Centennial Park Labyrinth at9.30am on the first Sunday of every month, (as well as Solstice/Equinox days and of course, World Labyrinth Day on 2nd May!). Come and experience the powerful metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting which is so different to walking the path alone. Its an opportunity to learn more about the labyrinth from a trained facilitator and to remind yourself what it is to simply be in community in a peaceful, harmonious way. Walking the labyrinth is a deep letting be of the self and of the other. As Ram Dass said, “We are all really just walking each other home.” These events are free and open to all.

Labyrinth Facilitators

  • Sun 3rd January: Erica Webber
  • Sun 7th February: Margaret Rainbird
  • Sun  6th March:  Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic
  • Sun 3rd April: Desiree DeKlerk
  • Sun 1st May: Joan Harcourt
  • Sat 7th May: Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic – World Labyrinth Day
  • Sun 5th June: Wendy Rose-Williams
  • Sun 3rd July: Karen Quant
  • Sun 7th August: Margaret Rainbird
  • Sun 4th September: Heather Middleton
  • Sun 2nd October: Maja Skrlj-Tufegdzic
  • Sun 6th November: Erica Webber
  • Sun 4th December: Sally Longley
  • Sun 18th December: Annalise Thomas


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    • There are two wonderful books I’d reccommend. The first is “Walking a Sacred Path” by Lauren Artress and the second is “Labyrinths – journeys of healing, stories of grace.” by Zara Renander. Enjoy!

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