Construction gets the green light

Update on the Labyrinth project from Kim Ellis, CEO, Centennial Parklands 18/12/2013
The Centennial Parklands Labyrinth is an exciting and innovative project that will bring to Centennial Parklands an important spiritual element to compliment the parks important passive recreation value. Funded largely by public donation, this project is on track to deliver Australia’s first public Labyrinth in July 2014.The Labyrinth Founder, Emily Simpson, has worked tirelessly with the Centennial Parklands Foundation to raise more than $500,000 required to build this high quality, unique meditative space. The Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust has recently agreed to donate an additional $50,000 and contributed hundreds of hours of management time to ensure that the project meets the very high standards expected of Centennial Parklands.The project is well on track and this week we have signed the project’s principal contractor, Carfax Commercial Constructions. Carfax have the right experience and skills to deliver this complex project and will commence building the prototype in January 2014 adjacent to the Labyrinth site.  The project architect William Zuccon has selected Australian stone to use in the Labyrinth with Wondabyne sandstone for use in the light coloured areas and Victorian Blue stone for use in the dark areas. These stones will be supplied by Gosford Quarries and laid by Bondi Stone.  Our next newsletter will give you an up-date on the construction of the proto-type with some photographs of how the work is proceeding.

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