The Faun and the Crone

A woman brought her daughter to the labyrinth walk.  This long limbed, faun-like 13 year old was one of the first to enter the labyrinth and spent the entire time sitting in one of the petals in the centre, soaking up it’s stillness with her own.  One of the last people to leave the labyrinth was an older woman, a wise and juicy crone who began to dance with a gentle, lilting reverie. We were blessed to witness the lovely contrast of wisdom dancing her way through the labyrinth, while innocence held the centre.  What a gift for that girl to have in years to come – the image of an older woman, dancing her path with joy.

Walking the Grace

That first day,
before I knew
its path would become
my way home,
some part of me
fell into the labyrinth.
A thread of my cocoon
must have snagged
on the silence at its centre
and begun, very gently,
to unspool.

Step by step,
with every labyrinth that I walked
it continued to unravel,
years of carefully spun layers,
leaving traces of presence in its wake.

Today, I felt the tug
of the final fibres being claimed,
my life now woven deep
into that meandering path.
A new story emerging from the old
with a shape and a voice
and wings.

by Emily Simpson 2011

World Labyrinth Day – Saturday 5th May

This will be a wonderful opportunity to walk the labyrinth or introduce a friend to it as part of World Labyrinth Day on Saturday 5th May.
We will have the canvas labyrinth set up at the Mosman Art Gallery from 11am. You and your friends can come and walk it anytime.
At 1pm, there will be special ceremony – Walking a Peaceful Path, which will be part of a rolling wave of labyrinth walks all over the world…planting peace with each step along the path… walking as one at one.  All welcome!
The labyrinth will then be available to walk again freely  until 5pm, when there will be one of our regular, facilitated group walks. This one will be special because Karen Quant, another Veriditas trained facilitator, will be ‘sounding’ the crystal bowls while you walk. The music of the crystal bowls is an extraordinarily calming sound which enhances any meditative and contemplative practice.  Come walk the mystery…
Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre
Corner of Myahgah Rd and Art Gallery Way, Mosman

Robert Ferre Talk – Labyrinths and Sacred Geometry

Special fundraising event at the Mosman Art Gallery at 3pm on Sunday 1st April.

Robert Ferré was a founder of the Labyrinth Society and is a leading figure in the construction of labyrinths in the USA.  He is in Australia to build a labyrinth in the Childrenʼs Hospital in Westmead – the first hospital in Australia to have a labyrinth.  Robert’s talk will cover Divine Creation, number and proportion, and the quality of numbers as exemplified in Chartres Cathedral and its elegant labyrinth.  “Sacred geometry is a spiritual exercise that seeks to find eternal truths as displayed in the beauty of nature.”

Robert’s presentation will be from 3-4.30pm. Afternoon tea will be provided while we set up the canvas labyrinth. A facilitated labyrinth walk will begin at 5pm.  Booking essential – via