After a long pause, our group walks will resume at 9am this Sunday 7th June, led by Elizabeth Lee. Come join us and remember what it feels like to be in community in a safe, peaceful, gentle way.

Facilitated group walks will now resume at the Centennial Park Labyrinth at 9am on the first Sunday of every month. If you don’t feel ready for group walks, the labyrinth is still there for you. A place of refuge and sanctuary in complicated times. Use it as a contemplative tool to walk your way into the bigger picture, releasing anxieties on the way in, aligning with what truly matters as you pause in the centre, like a tuning fork between earth and sky, then following the path back out into the world, weaving into your awareness any insights or metaphors you may have noticed. Walking meditation helps us accept whatever is going on in our lives and that what’s in the way, usually is the way.

May you be well and happy.
May you walk in peace
and know yourself
to be beloved on the earth,
held and blessed by all that is.

(With thanks to Gretchen Chapelle for this glorious image)

In addition to our regular monthly walks, Sydney Labyrinth are now offering walks to mark the Solstice at the earlier times of 7am in Summer and 8am in Winter, when the park is even more peaceful. Guided by psychotherapist, Heather Keens and meditation teacher, Susanne Jones, these misty morning meanders are the perfect opportunity for you to quiet your mind, listen to your heart and clarify intentions for your path. 

Come and experience the profound metaphor of the labyrinth in a group setting. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the labyrinth and to remind yourself what it is to simply be in community in a gentle, peaceful way. These events are free and open to all. The labyrinth is on Dickens Drive. Go to the location page for directions and sign up to our newsletter to receive updates about all labyrinth events.


  • Sun 7th June: Elizabeth Lee
  • 8am Sun 21st June: Winter Solstice (Heather Keens & Susanne Jones)
  • Sun 5th July: Erica Webber
  • Sun 2nd Aug: Elizabeth Macgregor
  • Sun 6th Sept: Heather Middleton
  • Sun 4th Oct: Sally Longley
  • Sun 1st Nov: Desiree DeKlerk
  • Sun 6th Dec:  Annalise Thomas

Spring Labyrinth Festival – 23rd Sept


The 2018 Spring Labyrinth Festival, generously sponsored this year by the Vasudhara Foundation will be held in Centennial Park from 11am-4pm, Sunday 23rd September. Celebrating the labyrinth as a path of peace, there will be several different labyrinths painted onto the field beside the sandstone one and facilitated walks accompanied by acoustic music: frame drum, didgeridoo, djembe drum, crystal bowl and harp. Come and share a picnic with your friends and remind yourself what it feels like to be in community in a peaceful, gentle way. Free event – all welcome! Find out more about it on the Spring Labyrinth Festival Facebook page

There will be an Archimedes Spiral Labyrinth and a Chalice of Love labyrinth painted onto the field, as well as a Pilgrim Riverstone Labyrinth in which walkers can select a river stone near the threshold and walk it into the labyrinth, leaving their worries behind by placing the stone somewhere along the painted path. So the Pilgrim Labyrinth will emerge slowly over the day as one by one, each pilgrim lays their burden down.
11.30am: Welcome to Country by Biripi elder, Aunty Ali Golding  
11.45am: Blessing of the path, accompanied by ‘Choir Rocks’
12pm: Frame Drum walk led by sound healer and shamanic teacher, Jane Elworthy
1pm:  Didgeridoo walk led by life mastery coach and didgeridoo teacher, Adrian Hanks
2pm:  Djembe Drum walk led by meditation teacher and drum circle facilitator, Jeremy Prangnell
3pm:  Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl walk led by Seichim master, Elizabeth Brandis with Celtic Harp played by therapeutic musician, Jacqueline Spring

Mark Healy’s magnificent wooden labyrinth products will be on offer and you’ll be able to talk to Donna Mulhearn about her spectacular Blue Labyrinth Bush Retreat in the Blue Mountains.  Michele Macgregor will be offering her beautiful Luxmi beeswax candles.  Patrick Kayrooz will be offering his beautiful silver jewellery inspired by sacred geometry.  Alf from Bar Coco will be providing espresso coffee, cold drinks, sandwiches, muffins, gelato and milk shakes. Bring a picnic rug to share with your friends. Free event – all welcome!

Lauren Artress in Sydney

The woman who kick started the global labyrinth movement 20 years ago, Rev Dr Lauren Artress was in Sydney to train 30 new labyrinth facilitators. On Sunday 1st Feb she was guest of honour at the Dedication of the Labyrinth which included the beautiful music of Corrina Bonshek which is now available online.

Lauren Artress

To find out more about Lauren’s work with labyrinths around the world go to  Her much loved book is called “Walking A Sacred Path – Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice” and is available on Amazon

Simple guide to walking the labyrinth:

There’s really no right way or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, but generally speaking there are three phases:

1. Releasing on the way in – letting go of what no longer serves.
2. Receiving a sense of peace and calm as you pause in the centre.
3. Resolving to engage with the world in a new way as you follow the same path back out.

To prepare, you may want to sit quietly and reflect before walking the labyrinth. Some people come with questions, others just to slow down and take time out from a busy life. Some come to find the strength to take the next step during times of grief and loss. Its winding path becomes a metaphor for our journey and where we find ourselves on our path. If someone is walking more slowly than you, feel free to overtake (easier at the turns). The labyrinth is all about flow and acceptance. As Ram Dass says, “We are all really just walking each other home.”


ABC Radio National Interview

ABC Radio National program about the construction of the labyrinth in Centennial Park, featuring Emily Simpson, William Zuccon (Architect) and Darren Finlayson (Stonemason). It was broadcast on 1st November and is now available online:  or you can read a comprehensive article by Ann Jones:

Radio National

Lauren Artress in Sydney – Jan 2015

Sydney Postcard_rev1

Want to learn more about the labyrinth? The woman who kick started the global labyrinth movement 20 years ago, Rev Dr Lauren Artress is coming to Sydney to speak and teach in January 2015. Whether you want to bring the labyrinth to your community or simply deepen your understanding of it, then this is a rare opportunity.

The lecture will be held at the Paddington Uniting Church, 395 Oxford St, Paddington and the workshop and Facilitator Training will be held at Moore Park Golf Club. Lauren will also be holding a special dedication of the Centennial Park labyrinth on the evening of Sunday 1st February. All welcome. To find out more about her work with labyrinths around the world go to  Her book is called “Walking A Sacred Path – Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice” and is available on Amazon

If you need accommodation:


and if you have any questions please contact Emily Simpson